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The less time your hair stays wet the better, and how you get it dry is just as important. This multipurpose hair towel is spun with plush microfiber on one side and soft t-shirt cotton on the other to dry and set your hair both quickly and gently. It’s the ultimate everyday hair towel. 

First, the ultra-absorbent microfiber side draws water away from the hair to reduce drying time. Next, the combed cotton t-shirt side wraps your hair in gentle fibers for healthy shine and frizz-free texture. 

Use your microfiber (white) side to squeeze out extra water and moisture from wet hair. Apply your leave-ins and styling products, then twist and wrap the t-shirt (olive) side around your hair. Secure into place.

For fine hair, keep hair wrapped for 10-15 minutes. For thick, curly hair, leave covered for 20 to 25 minutes. Undo your Najeau hair towel to reveal frizz-free texture and vitality.

•Use your double-sided hair towel to set your hair while it absorbs product. The t-shirt hair-wrap side helps your cuticle lock in all those benefits.

•Use the Najeau hair towel to protect your pillowcase after applying an overnight hair mask or treatment!

•Always treat hair with care, but especially wet hair. Avoid sleeping with wet hair, putting wet hair into a ponytail, or brushing it harshly. Don’t blow dry hair straight out of the shower—give it time in your hair towel first.

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