By The Urban + The Mystic

Pyrite, the Tony Robbins of crystals. 

If Tony Robbins were a crystal he would be pyrite, highly motivating and encouraging, this stone will help you follow your dreams and reach your goals.  This gold beauty blocks negative energies and will also be there for you in times of need to give you that extra boost of energy to make your deadlines, support your growth and basically get you from third base straight to home.

Pyrite is also linked to abundance, because let's be honest, when you've got this kind of motivation and support behind you, what can't you accomplish? It's energy is like a shot of espresso, it will get you going and moving in the direction of your dreams.  Perfect for the office, study room and we've never met a desk that Pyrite didn't look great on. There's nothing you can't do with this beauty by your side so as they say in Hollywood, she's more than just a pretty face.


**Please note all spheres vary in look and weight due to the organic nature of crystals.

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