By Mordekai

14K Yellow, Rose, or White Gold

This unique ring is made of 14k gold, and hand-set with the finest hand-selected, heart-shaped .75 carat white opal. The ring shank continues the theme as it is cut in a hearts-touching motif to continue the feel of the love-shaped opal.

While opals are ubiquitous in the market, heart-shaped facet-cut opals are super rare. The heart shape cut is the most difficult cuts to create and requires a talented cutter. It is very important that a heart-shaped diamond is cut with extreme skill. Both round ends of the heart need to match wholly and the cleft should be a sharp, well-defined divide.


 .75 carat of white opals
Width: 6mm
16mm heart-shaped stone set in 14k gold with white opals

Made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment.

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